Rosemary Olive Oil

All set to go!

Rosemary Olive Oil

It’s so easy to infuse olive oils, and ones you do in your own kitchen have a wonderful freshness to them. Rosemary olive oil is one of the easiest to make, although I’ve done basil, garlic and hot pepper oil with great success too.  The beauty is, you have ultimate control over how much flavor you prefer to infuse into the oil. Infused olive oils make a great hostess gift, and I always keep a few bottles handy for dipping and cooking.

Cook’s Notes:

  • Use a good olive oil so that the rosemary flavor comes through loud and clear.
  • I don’t recommend leaving the rosemary in the oil for much more than 3 days, as the herb will start to degrade noticeably and affect the flavor.


  • 2 cups very good extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 – 3 very large sprigs of rosemary, well washed

Making It…

  1. Pour the olive oil into a jar.
  2. Break down the rosemary sprigs into several pieces that can easily fit into the jar and be completely submerged in the oil. Don’t include any thick woody stems.
  3. Put a lid on the jar and set in a cool dark place in your kitchen for up to 3 days. Feel free to taste-test the with a small piece of bread after the first day and everyday afterwards until the rosemary infusion reaches the level you prefer.
  4. Strain out the rosemary and discard. Pour the olive oil into a pretty jar.
  5. Keep sealed and in a dark, cool place of the kitchen.

A little oil bath

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