Welcome to my blog! I’m Susan and live with my husband just outside San Francisco. I have a struggling vegetable garden, several shelves of cookbooks I haven’t even begun to cook through, thousands of clippings of food ideas and recipes, and a Certificate from a culinary school in San Francisco, as I try to move myself to a semi-vegetarian diet that incorporates primarily plant-based foods.

I’ve tried to go completely vegetarian a few times now, but always ultimately gravitate back to a more meat-centric diet. But this time, I’ve found a balance that incorporates far more plant-based dishes, with the occasional addition of decidedly non-vegetarian ingredients. Essentially, I wimp out a bit, but the result is still a healthy diet now regarded as a “Flexitarian Diet”. A fairly new term still, flexitarian stems from a combination of the words “flexible” and “vegetarian” and refers to a diet that touts more plant-based meals and less meat.

I decided to start this blog to begin to share healthy, interesting and flavorful vegetarian or semi-vegetarian recipes I’ve either developed myself, or ones I’ve been inspired by through others’ recipes. Because I sometimes wimp out on going completely vegetarian, for some recipes I offer both a vegetarian version as well as a version that incorporates some decidedly non-vegetarian ingredients called the Wimpy Vegetarian Version (WV Version) for those, like me, who may want to incorporate some fish or meat. Along the way, I also offer up nutrition information I’ve come across that I have found helpful, and some lessons I’ve learned in the kitchen and at the table.

A little background on me: after a career in sales and marketing, I pursued a long-time dream and went to culinary school in San Francisco at Tante Marie Cooking School. I confess that for a while after I graduated, I sensed that the expectations of my friends had suddenly escalated and I tried to wow people with elaborate presentations and kicky, off-the-wall flavor combinations. I finally came back to earth and settled into my own personal style of up-scale rustic, mostly vegetarian. Instead of cooking to impress, I’d rather cook to connect people to each other, to the food, and hopefully to the culture and/or farm the food stems from.

I’ve entered some of my recipes in contests as ChezSuzanne on places like Food 52, and I’ve won a few (here, here and here). I also teach cooking classes focused on local produce and grains around the San Francisco Bay area which is very fun for me and will post notices of classes as they become available.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it, and welcome your comments. We all learn from each other and I would love to hear from you, especially if you’re trying to introduce more plant-based meals into your diet too.

Happy Cooking,



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  1. lizthechef says:

    I love your blog – speaks “you” – very impressive!

  2. Thanks so much! It ‘s still all a work in progress with several more areas I plan to build over the next few days. I actually didn’t think the publishing links were working, but they must be since you saw it!! I got your msg, but was at a phyllo rolling class last night put on by a woman from Bosnia who learned how to roll phyllo from her grandmother. I’m off to hike with a friend before it gets too hot and will call you later today!! Thanks so much for reaching out!!

  3. This is a beautiful blog! Can’t wait to keep reading!

  4. boulangere says:

    Susan, this is lovely, and congratulations. I, too went through a similar process after I graduated from CCA in SF. It took a lot of trial and error (dumping an entire sheet pan of chocolate decadence and all that nice hot water out of the oven and onto the floor because of just a little too much multi-tasking) to discover that I cooked best when I cooked to my own values. A phyllo rolling class?! Wow.

    • Thanks so much boulangere! And I totally relate to the too-much-multi-tasking thing!! I look forward to seeing your blog launch after the holidays. And the phyllo class was amazing. They made a dvd of it and I just got my copy yesterday. It was led by a baker who emigrated here from Bosnia and she shared her grandmother’s recipe and technique with us. Just a beautiful class.

  5. swooz says:


    Adding you to my blogroll. Thanks for your comments and support!

  6. lapadia says:

    What a fun blog…it is SO you. Beautiful photos, stories and recipes. Question…I love the cursive font, it is one of my favorites, I have wordpress, too, where do you go to change the font?

    • Thanks lapadia! That means a lot to me!! I bought the upgrade package for font from WordPress, and the cursive was in there. It didn’t come with my theme as a standard font (only one font type did). I went to the Dashboard, Appearance, Custom Design, and bought it from there. I don’t know if it’s set up the same with every theme or not. On my husband’s dashboard on his blog, it was under Dashboard, titled upgrade. Hope that helps!

  7. Sara says:

    Just found your blog and I’m in love 🙂 Can’t wait to try some of your recipes-I’m a new vegetarian so I’m brand new to eating a plant based diet.

    • Welcome to my blog!! I’m really glad you found it and are finding it so useful. I haven’t been able to go 100% vegetarian yet, but I’m getting there. So every once in awhile you’ll see something that had a little meat or fish in it, but I’ll give a Wimpy Vegetarian warning when that happens 🙂

      • Sara says:

        I just started my vegetarian recipe blog, and I’m anticipating having an ‘almost vegetarian’ category eventually 🙂 I switched to eating vegetarian because of the health benefits, but I’m not overly concerned about trace amounts of meat in it. If a recipe calls for something like Worcestershire sauce I’m not going to lose sleep over it 🙂

  8. Silvia Iannelli says:

    Il tuo blog e’ favoloso, Susan! Mi piace moltissimo 🙂

  9. veg4life says:

    Kudos to you for trying to be veg and not giving up! Choosing to be vegetarian or vegan is very wise these days and if you can cut back on meat intake well that helps a great deal too. Animal agriculture is directly linked to climate change and global warming among other issues like ethical and health concerns. I’ve been veg for about 20 years if I can help in any way, aside from my website, just let me know. Wish you the best and thank you.

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